Huawei-made Honor 9 mobile looks like an affordable Android option

honor 9 best huawei 2017

With the Honor 9, Huawei throws down the gauntlet against the OnePlus 5. Both are dual-camera Android phones you can buy for a smaller chunk of change than a premium flagship like the Galaxy S8($750.00 at T-Mobile USA).

The Honor 9 is going after the same sweet spots as the OnePlus 5 — good photos, a top-of-the-line processor, and amenities like lots of onboard storage and a second SIM card slot.

Huawei is the world’s third-largest phone maker, but it’s failed to become the global household name that Samsung and Apple have, and cedes some ground to phones by the likes of OnePlus, whose OnePlus 5 was good enough to earn CNET’s Editor’s Choice Award for its high value. The Honor line gives Huawei an important opportunity to get its phones in front of buyers who could be interested in the OnePlus 5.

The Honor 9 I got to play with was fast, with a seriously speedy fingerprint reader and a glorious deep blue finish (it also comes in grey and black). The phone felt smooth in my hand, and much smaller and more manageable than a hulk like the iPhone 7 Plus($869.00 at Apple) or Google Pixel XL($729.00 at Its glossiness makes it a little slip-prone without a case.

best huawei phone 2017

Honor phones have piqued our interest for a while now. They’re genuinely well made handsets (by Huawei, no less) but for a very budget-friendly price. And the Honor 9 looks to be no different – so we’ve gone and found the best prices around for it.

To be fair, that hasn’t been too difficult following its immediate release. Three has the exclusive rights to sell the Honor 9 at the moment. It isn’t charging for the handset and prices start from only £20 per month – not bad for a brand new mobile to the market!

Our first impressions of the Honor 9 are positive (scroll to the bottom of this page for more details) – it’s looking like a lower spec, cheaper version of the Huawei P10. But it also impresses as a cheap mobile phone deal option. So keep reading to see how much the Honor 9 will cost you as a SIM free phone and what the cheapest contract deals are in this phone’s early days…

What price is the Honor 9 SIM free?

According to the

At the moment, the only place to get the Honor 9 handset without a SIM (other than ebay!) is via the Honor website. It will cost you £379, which definitely isn’t bad for a brand new model. Plus, Honor is throwing in the Honor Band 3 fitness tracker worth about £50 for free.

If you like the idea of grabbing the Honor 9 and need a SIM to go with it, then you should also check out the best SIM only deals. With tariffs staring at £4 a month, our expert advice will help you bag the perfect plan for you.


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